The Power Hour

I get it, having your children home and trying to home school them can be stressful. Let me coach you to be the best parent, and teacher possible right now while still keeping all the plates spinning delicately in the air.   

Power hour

I am a mum to three children who all have different health conditions.

Four years ago my oldest son got sick with myalgic encephalomyelitis and since that point has been home schooled / online school as he isn’t well enough to learn in a physical school building. His GCSE’s were planned to be taken at home, long before the pandemic took hold. Lockdown has been going on in this house far before COVID.

I know that having situations forced upon you that are out of your control can be tough.


Let me take what I have learnt from the last four years of lockdown with my son, my qualifications as a certified coach and Master NLP practitioner and as a qualified teacher.  Plus my experience of online and home schooling to help you achieve the absolute best outcomes for you and your kids throughout this lockdown.

Let me hold space for you to process your feelings, move forward with a plan and get to know your children on another level so that your bond stronger than ever.



Overwhelm happens when you think you need to figure everything out at once.  The truth is you don’t.

Let me show you how to…


and discover the top tips to make lockdown work for everyone and get the best outcomes for your child



for you and your child



and get to grips with what is really important for you and your child right now



a strategy for that works for your family so that what needs to get done, gets done and there is time left for fun



by developing ways to focus on the positives and the things that you can control  



that are preventing you from getting the results that you desire during this time 

With this 60 minute power hour session you will learn to get the best out of having the kids home during another lockdown

Having  your child or children home without the time to properly plan for this change may feel overwhelming.

Getting a schedule together, keeping everyone motivated, managing all the things you usually have to do and God forbid actually trying to work from home.

If your child has a health condition or disability there will be another level to all of this. Missed hospital appointments or tests causing stress and now the responsibility of physio, occupational therapy or speech and language therapy may now fall solely on your shoulders.

Which, let’s face it, can feel stressful, overwhelming and lonely.

Imagine having a best friend by your side, who has been through all the things that you are experiencing, feeling all the raw emotions and has the answers?

Together we will will focus on the areas where you feel that you need support and create a plan to support you.

So, are you ready to start achieving the best outcomes for you and your child during lockdown?


(Limited time offer usual price £99)


Firstly, because I’ve been there and got the T shirt, having a kid in lockdown for the last four years has taught me a lot! 

Secondly, I am a certified coach and NLP master practitioner so I am trained to hold space for you and empower you to find the answers. 

I am also and qualified teacher I have experiences working with nine different educational settings including, primary, secondary, online schools, tutors and pupil (medical) referral units and managing agreed part time attendance.  I have trained with IPSEA in elements of SEN law and have successfully gained an EHCP for one of my children to support their education after going through both mediation and tribunal. 

I know that home schooling can be tough and lonely especially when it is thrust upon you and you feel ill prepared. But, I also know that when we get it right we can get really good outcomes for our children’s health and education.  Even if its not the norm.

The most important thing to get right during lockdown for your kids might just surprise you! 

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