Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires


The power is spending time with people who lift you up.

I have found that over the years I have naturally gravitated to the people that energise me rather than drain my energy.

Now I’d say that it has become an active choice.

Have you ever thought that the people you spend time with will influence the way you feel?

We have a finite amount of time and energy each day and while we have no control over the amount of hours in a day, we do have control over our energy levels. Eating well, staying hydrated, exercising, getting enough sleep and even stress can have a massive impact on your energy levels but have you ever wondered how the people that you spend your time with are impacting how you feel?

We all can think of that one person in our life that after we’ve spent time with them we feel physically drained. We call these people ‘energy vampires’ because they literally suck the life out of you. For some this is just a temporary thing, they may be going through a divorce, have lost their job, experienced loss, have a diagnosis to get their head round. We get that right? Everyone is entitled to their emotions and to process the things that are happening in their lives. These are just temporary ‘energy vampires’ and they may need you to step up and give them a bit of support.

What if they are just the kind of person that seems to like moaning? Even when you try to present them with another viewpoint they can’t see it, and they are not willing to change.

Every, single, thing, is negative.

It is best to distance yourself from these kinds of people.

These people may be colleagues, friends or the person that serves you at the local shop but they may also be family members or a partner that aren’t so easy to shake.

By putting some space in between you and the people that drain your energy you will be looking after yourself and protecting your energy levels. With more vitality left for you and the things that you want to do and more time to spend with the people that lift you up because we all want that right?

The people you spend time with can also shape how you think…

The people you spend your time with don’t just shape how you feel, that energy can bring you down and start to shape how you think.  Imagine preparing for an interview for your dream job surrounded by people who zap you. Then visualise preparing for the very same interview surrounded by people who believe that you are made for the new role.  Imagine what you will be capable of if you believe that you can do great things.

Remember, the life you seek depends on the company you keep.


Not sure how to shake the energy vampire in your life? Working with a coach is a great way to look at where your energy goes each day and how you can better manage your time and enthusiasm to build the life that you want.

Interested?  Book a call , we can have a chat and I can answer any questions that you have. 


   Sarah xox  



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