“I love to help people discover who they are again after chronic illness has come knocking.

To manage their symptoms, ditch the overwhelm and love their lives, even with illness or disability in it!”

With chronic illness mindset coach, Sarah Wells.  Sessions will combine coaching, mentoring and teaching.

The Investment is only £120 for 8 weeks! (Less than a couple of coffee’s a week)

Spaces in the Academy are limited so that we can have small groups of people that really get to know each other throughout the duration of the course.

This includes weekly live group video calls via zoom plus a Private Facebook Community Membership.  A safe space for you to discuss anything that comes up for you and ask any questions.

All sessions are recorded so if you can’t make it in person it can be emailed to you to catch up on before the next session.

Friendships are made during the Live Chronically Well Academy, making sharing thoughts and fears easy in a safe supportive space.  

Are you ready to write next chapter of your life?

To get in control of your symptoms? Learn to manage the overwhelm? Be excited for your future? 

If you are like many of the people that come to me you may feel that no-one understand what it is like living with your condition, that you had your life planned out and now you don’t know what the future holds or you may actually feel like you are hanging on by a thread, the smallest thing is going to tip you over.

Do you notice that the medical system has become so specialised that while it is great at looking after individual conditions, no-one really has an overview of ‘you’ and what you need.  Really, you just want to be able to manage your symptoms effectively so that you can live your best life.

How about having a best friend (that’s me) by your side as you learn to control your emotions, step out of your comfort zone, re-discover what makes you tick and get a plan in place to make it happen.  

Throughout the duration of the Academy there will be a range of different learning techniques; taught sessions, discussions, individual activities and breakout rooms as well as a weekly workbook that to really get you thinking in-between the sessions.  You can join in as much or as little as you want to.  But the more you commit to the programme, the more you will gain.  

We also have a community where we chat, share work and progress! Its great to cheer each other on and have a space to ask any questions as they come up in between sessions.


Join this 8 Week course giving you the tools to be in control of your chronic illness or disability instead of feeling like it is controlling you!



  • Discover how ready you are for change and what might be holding you back
  • Learn about the vicious cycle in chronic illness and how to turn it around
  • The importance of acceptance and where you are on the journey
  • Discover how your thoughts and emotions impact your future
  • Develop your confidence by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Learn about the six basic human needs – are yours being met?
  • Identify the values you hold and how they impact the vision for your life
  • Develop habits to help you to thrive
  • Look carefully at your overall wellness
  • Plan how you can make self care fit into your life without feeling like another thing on the to do list
  • Make an individual action plan for the next three months and stepping stones to achieve it 


Hey, I’m Sarah! and I’d love to share with you how the Live Chronically Well Workshops came about. 

These workshop are the support that I wish I had when I was diagnosed with my chronic illness’.

Looking back I wish I had the help, this help, to get my head around what my diagnosis meant for me and to know how to start living my life (albeit a different one to the one that I had planned out in my head).

I spent years trying to figure it all out for myself, learning to recognise the subtle symptoms so that I could prevent the crashes, to undo the coping mechanisms that I had taught myself to survive and to understand the domino effect health often takes with chronic illness.

It was when I made a choice. To be accountable. Ultimately when I began to take responsibility, instead of just feeling like I didn’t have any choices, then life began to change.

But, it was in my training as a coach and Master NLP Practitioner (neuro-linguistic programming) and as a Chrysalis Effect practitioner that I learned the tools and techniques, that I if knew had I had access to earlier, I would not have spent the years trying to figure it all out on my own. It opened my mind to new ways of looking at my life.

We shouldn’t have to figure it all out on our own, or accept that ‘this is it’.  The big change came for me when I learned to accept my chronic illness/ disability and to manage my thoughts and emotions.  I became tougher and stronger and began to look at the world in a different way 

This workshop will give you a tool kit to support you on your own journey with chronic illness and get your life back on track.


 Sarah xox




Enrolment is taking place for the next Live Chronically Well Academy, are you a little bit curious what it’s all about? just a teeny bit?


Let’s have a go at stepping into your confident selves!  Do you ever find yourself saying ‘I’m just not a confident person’, ‘I don’t have the confidence to do that?’ or, ‘When I feel more confidence I’ll have a go’.  Join Sarah for the 3 day challenge to see how to increase your self-confidence, tap into the power of past confidence and to stretch your self confidence muscle.


With a small task and workbook delivered live each day in our Facebook group, you can see what it is like to work with Sarah Wells as your chronic illness coach and mentor and decide if you want to learn more by enrolling on the Surviving to Thriving Academy. 


These mini challenges act as a taster session for the Live Chronically Well Academy.





Step By Step Guidance


I will be with you every step of the way as you work through the different activities during the live sessions. 

I will be checking into the Facebook group at least three times a week to answer any of your questions.

Supportive Community


 We understand how important community is.  Once you are enrolled on the course there will be a dedicated private Facebook  group for course members.  Within this community you can share ideas and ask questions.  There will be a dedicated Q & A thread. 

We cannot wait to watch this community watch, learn and grow!

Not about your physical symptoms

In the Academy we help people with chronic illness move past the uncertainty that a diagnosis can bring. 

You will learn why it is important to get to grips with your emotions and understand how controlling them helps them to become more resilient and mentally tough.   

I teach will teach you about the science of developing habits and why the habits that you created to survive might not actually serve you now its you time to thrive. 

Getting in touch with who you are

I love to help people get in touch with WHO they are now, not who they were.  With what they WANT and what they NEED because it really is OK to admit that we want and need things. 

We will look at overall wellness, mentally, physically and spiritually.

Most of all using everything that you learn and your new found confidence to have a plan looking forward to your future.  

Getting ready for change?

  • Viscous cycle
  • Symptoms and impact


Dealing with emotions

  • Acceptance
  • Negative thoughts 
  • Confidence

What do you need?

  • Resilience
  • Developing mental toughness
  • Six basic human needs 


  • What drives you?
  • what is important to you?
  • How does that show up in your life?


  • Why? 


  • Willpower alone is not enough
  • Developing good habits
  • Tiny habits and why they work 


  • Physical and mental health
  • Self care
  • Life balance  

Moving Forwards

  • Action plan for your life



What is stopping you?




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