Kind words ♥

From my lovely clients

Seeing genuine results with my lovely clients is why I do what I do.  They are amazing.

I love seeing my clients re-discover what drives them and re-connect with the things that they love and their hopes and dreams for the future.  As they step out of their comfort zone and get a plan in place to make it happen.

Most importantly their health condition becomes a part of them not the whole of them as they learn about get to grips with acceptance, master their mindset and manage their symptoms.


What my clients say about me

I love to help women like me find balance in their lives, especially when dealing with the added crap that chronic health conditions or a long term illness can bring, because when you can find that balance, it feels amazing. I may wax lyrical about how I figured it all out, but these ladies have dug deep, worked hard and have their own fantastic results.

Sarah has been a warm, friendly, and incredible support to me especially as I returned to work full-time after a long period of illness. She allowed me to see where I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate my goals and values, and breathe when I started feeling overwhelmed. It was perfect timing for this new transition. She really has a multitude of techniques and I totally recommend her insight.


Intelligence Expert, London UK

Can honestly say that I am so, so grateful for your guidance, help, knowledge and understanding. I really believe I’d have been in the mists of despair if it wasn’t for everything I’ve gained from knowing you. I’ve handed teachers sheets of information written by you, I’ve empowered myself to fight for what my children need, after reading how you have fought the system and fought for your children’s rights. Never underestimate the power of what you have and done and continue to do for others. Xxx

Kate Emery-Burns

Dorset UK

I have found working with Sarah very helpful to manage pacing. It has impacted my life in so many ways, I now realise that I am as important as everyone else in my life.  This change in mindset has freed me up and given me more time energy for everyone, including myself. The relaxation at the end of our sessions was particularly beneficial as because of my personality type I find it particularly hard to relax, I don’t know what she did, but it worked.


Retired Civil Servant

My coaching sessions with Sarah have left me feeling refreshed and full of positive energy.  I’ve gained lots of insights and ideas and have taken some useful practical steps.  Swapping the daily abstract panic and stress I felt about my need to return to work for a well-formed outcome focused on what I want to achieve for myself and my family feels really liberating and has opened up lots of possibilities in my mind. The practice of identifying and reflecting on what I want, and when I want it, has helped massively – paying attention to this as I go about my day to day is helping me to manage distractions and make decisions about how to use my time.  This is pretty big for me, given the challenges presented by my ADHD. My new found awareness around my need for rest, relaxation and fun has been really beneficial and is helping me achieve greater balance and I feel better physically.  Sarah provided a super safe and friendly space in which to unpick all of my thoughts and feelings and ideas and I felt very comfortable working with her from the outset – she offers great perspectives and is very inspiring!


To Be Confirmed!!, London, UK

I absolutely loved reading about you, and your children and your life. I am going to add you to my Facebook page. Your information about grief and chronic illness was terrific. I am an EDS warrior as well as my son and granddaughter, although she does not have a diagnosis yet. I know all too well the challenges and heartbreak, the guilt and grief it brings to us. I will continue to visit your blog, and I hope my clients will as well. I am a counselor with over 35 years experience. I started  specializing in counseling individuals who have rare and often invisible diseases about 17 years ago.

Beverly Taylor

Taylor Made Counselling and Consulting

NLP changed my life! It’s like being put pack to factory settings. 


Senior Business Partner , Wiltshire UK

I felt like my chronic illness had taken away all of my options for my future and I felt stuck, but working with Sarah has helped me figure out what direction I want to go in with my education and career, and what steps I can take to get there while managing my symptoms. My thinking about success was very “all or nothing”, and she helped me change my approach to achieving my goals; rather than struggling to overcome my limitations I try to adapt and work around them.


Student and animal rescue worker, Columbia, USA


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