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Life shouldn’t be about having a life or being sick.  You deserve to live a great life even with a long term health condition.    

The truth is many of us feel stuck, stressed out, frustrated, tired and overwhelmed and living with a chronic condition throws another element into the mix.

Even with new symptoms you may try to carry on in the same way that you always have, expecting everything to be OK – then wonder why it isn’t.  Or get scared that symptoms are going to flare and you may feel worse, so not try.  You just feel like you are in a constant state of stress, sadness or near exhaustion.   You aren’t really LIVING, and you certainly aren’t LOVING your life.


Work with me 



I believe that you have the power within you to finally feel in control of your chronic condition and deal with setbacks with calmness and confidence.  To not only to live with your health condition but to learn to begin to thrive again.

But, this doesn’t start by googling more information or keeping your fingers crossed that the next doctor that you see will have all of the answers.  You have all the tools that you need to live well with your chronic condition and to work with your doctors to maximise your health and wellbeing. You just might not realise it yet 😉

Let me show you how…

My Signature Method


Designing your vision


No more survival mode or living to someone else’s agenda.

We will think about where you are in your chronic illness journey, the life you want, what is important to you, what that will that look like.  And what is getting in the way.  Then, together,  we will figure out how you will get there.  

Your personal roadmap to success. 




Waking up + digging deep


Together we will work towards your goals, supporting your wellbeing and health while also pushing you out of your comfort zone a little.  

You will wake up to the reality of what is and dig deep into beliefs and patterns that may longer serve you, you will reach a level of acceptance and clarity within yourself and create new ways of being that feel aligned with who you are and what you want for your life.




Taking action to thrive

You will learn to embody these new ways of being.  

You will leave with tools in your toolkit to support your life and manage your health and a new found confidence to do so.  Get ready to  know yourself better than ever before and really understand what supports you so that you can live well with your health condition and love your life.



“Sarah has been a warm, friendly, and incredible support to me…

especially as I returned to work full-time after a long period of illness. She allowed me to see where I needed to take a step back and re-evaluate my goals and values, and breathe when I started feeling overwhelmed. It was perfect timing for this new transition. She really has a multitude of techniques and I totally recommend her insight.”

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction will lead to the biggest change in your life. But you have to take the first step… even if it’s just a baby step.  

My coaching programmes are designed around the support I wish that I had when I was diagnosed with my chronic illness’ and was desperately trying to get my head around what that meant for me, my family and my future.  

I spent years, time and money figuring it all out for myself.  

I finally recognised that I was living between constant state of fight and flight and disassociation. The chronic stress that I was creating further impacted my health, until I learnt to tools (which I still use today) to keep the overwhelm at bay and manage stress.  

Sadly I have also discovered that there is a real gap in services when it comes to empowering people to mange chronic conditions and supporting employers to work with them. Things are catching up, but not quickly enough.  My evidence based, no nonsense approach cuts the crap and gets to the heart of the real issues, with practical positive solutions that work for companies and employees.  

If I’m working with companies or individuals, my mission is simple, to help people step into their fullest potential and prioritise themselves and their health so that they can be successful – in whatever way they choose. 

Raised hand with writing on the palm saying OK?

Ways to work with me…


Personal Coaching

1:1 bespoke coaching designed to meet you exactly where you are at and support you to break free from your limitations and create a life that you love with ease.  

Using my signature coaching approach we will work together to design a package which will support you every step of the way as you work towards your goals.  

If you are ready to feel calm, connected, confident and in control of your health once and for all then this is for you.  

Face to face in Wiltshire or accessible anywhere, virtually.


Coach Mentoring

If you are newly diagnosed with a chronic illness and are getting your head around all the stuff, feel tired and overwhelmed juggling your health condition and life, fearful of what the future holds or just scared that it will never get better… then this programme is for you.

Your personal path to overcome stress and anxiety in 5 weeks.  An intimate 1:1 personal coaching journey designed to help you to take control of your stress and anxiety.  

Part learning, part coaching, part building your confidence to manage stress and anxiety.  I know that if you fully commit for a month you will understand yourself better than ever before and have the blueprint to really change your life. 

Face to face in Wiltshire or accessible anywhere, virtually.


Group Coaching

Tired of wondering if it will be this hard forever? Doing everything you can and still not feeling great? Add your name to the waitlist… it’s time to stop surviving and start thriving.

A six month fully immersive group coaching programme designed to uncover parts of yourself that you never knew existed.  Love yourself unapologetically and develop new ways of being that support your life health, needs, work and family.

Be prepared to TRANSFORM who you are from the inside out alongside other amazing humans.  

Accessible anywhere, virtually – join the wait list. 


Workshops, talks + more

After having her life and career turned upside done with two major diagnoses and burnout, I finally had the courage to leave my career in education.

I successfully navigated life with chronic illness alongside raising my family until the real challenge came when my children were diagnosed with their own collection of rare genetic diseases, connective tissue and neuro-inflammatory conditions : at times leaving them bed bound.

But, I did a full pivot, making my work life work for me while feeling aligned, happy and successful at work and at home.

I have a raw, relatable and lovingly honest take on success, alongside vulnerable stories which help others to see they have more strength, resourcefulness, and wisdom than they first realise, I aim to inspire others to create positive change and see what is possible in their life and work.

Workshops, lunch and learn, laser coaching, talks and more.

  • Brunel University
  • Central and North West London NHS Trust
  • OXP Recruitment


Free resources

My must have FREE resources to get your head around diagnosis, navigate your relationships, re-write your inner rule book and finally put YOU first. 

If you are just getting started these easy to implement must have guides will get you started will get you off on the right foot.  

Easy to access, action and get results.  Whatever your chronic dilemma we have you covered, see for yourself…

Yours to download and keep.

My coaching sessions with Sarah have left me feeling refreshed and full of positive energy. 

I’ve gained lots of insights and ideas and have taken some useful practical steps.  Swapping the daily abstract panic and stress I felt about my need to return to work for a well-formed outcome focused on what I want to achieve for myself and my family feels really liberating and has opened up lots of possibilities in my mind. The practice of identifying and reflecting on what I want, and when I want it, has helped massively – paying attention to this as I go about my day to day is helping me to manage distractions and make decisions about how to use my time. “

Time to take back control


You’re ready to take the next step.

So if you have made it to the bottom of the page I know that something in your gut knowing, your intuition, is telling you this feels right.  You have nothing to lose by having a chat and testing that theory.  

Book a call, grab a cuppa and let’s have a chat and see if I am the person to support you right now. 


“Talking with Sarah is like catching up with an old friend, and she is the best cheerleader cheering you on to a better place.”

“When I first came to Sarah, I thought I had a hold of my mental and physical well-being, however she introduced me to new concepts to keep my me in check. Pacing, maintaining my window of tolerance, understanding hypoarousal, and giving my inner child forgiveness are just a few of the concepts that gave me more insight, purpose and control in my chronic illness life. It didn’t matter what we talked about in our sessions, Sarah had the practices to apply and she gave me the encouragement to succeed. Talking with Sarah is like catching up with an old friend, and she is the best cheerleader cheering you on to a better place. I highly recommend Sarah as a life coach and advocate in your healthcare team.”

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