Taking Back Control Of Your Chronic Illness

Taking Back Control Of Your Chronic Illness

Taking back control of your chronic illness may feel like an uphill battle.  Generally speaking, most people have given up control of their health and wellness. Our society tends to rely on pills to make problems better when they occur rather than look for and address the underlying cause. Most people also take a passive role in their wellness only thinking about their health when something goes wrong.

Many people feel helpless, like their fate is actually beyond their control.

In contrast, the Chronically Empowered approach is a proactive approach. Even if you are struggling with a long term health condition, chronic, invisible or rare illness your fate is not predetermined by your genetics.

Chronic illnesses result from a misalignment between our genes, our environment, and our lifestyle.

While you may not be able to cure your chronic illness or get new genes, you can alter your environment and your lifestyle so that you can better manage your condition, and in some cases, even turn off those genes that are expressing themselves in a negative way.


Graphic showing the chronically empowered signature framework, C.A.L.M. clarity and commitments, awareness and acceptance, leaning in and letting go and management and momentum.

How Can I Start To Help Myself?


Taking control of your chronic illness starts with having a good attitude towards having a health condition. I’m not saying it’s always easy; when something dislocates and won’t relocate for days and days it’s hard, managing a family, school and hospital appointments on bad days is tough, being taken to court by the local authority because you are simply trying to secure an education for your teen that is too ill to get out of bed – you get the picture, it’s not all rosy.

The key to success? It begins with acceptance. You don’t have to be jumping up and down with joy that this is the situation for you but to accept that for today this is how it is – and not fight it.  You need your energy and it’s not to battle your situation 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

When you are in the depths of a new diagnosis and processing what that means for you and your future your mind naturally consumed with thoughts of illness and loss. It’s natural, I get it, I’ve been there.  It is very important to manage and process the emotional that you have.  But your world can shrink in a heartbeat… suddenly all you are talking about and reading about is your illness and condition; the worst case scenarios, the Facebook groups full of people competing to feel the worst.

It time to get real, how will this make you feel? About your life? About your future?

Arming yourself with the right information, getting educated – that’s great – but getting lost in a black hole of sadness and self pity is not. There is a fine line. Be careful.

It is about balance.

Live, re-connect to who you are and what you want. Has that changed? Great, in life the only thing that we know for certain is that things change. What do you want now?

Who are your people? Who lifts you up and brings you joy? Who drains you? Who believes you? Sometimes the people that are there for you 24/7 to give you all the love and support may be keeping you stuck – even if their help comes from a place of love. What and who do you need right now?

What can you do? A small step that can make you feel a little better? A little stronger? (no matter how small) Can you do it every day and keep the consistency going.

Can you answer some of these questions for yourself and think about how you could start to make steps today?

Mindset work and pacing has been key to me living well with EDS and CMT in my life, it’s why I am a huge advocate for it and why I help others in similar positions in my coaching practice. I know and see first hand the good it can do.

I combine a combination of wellness coaching, somatic coaching, mindset and NLP techniques to get fantastic results for my clients. To help them to move from stressed, tired and overwhelmed to become strong and empowered, energised and confident – ultimately in control of their chronic condition.

If you would like to talk about how working with a coach could help you book a call, it’s free.  It doesn’t matter if you qualify for the programme or not, during the call we can help you to get clear on what’s holding you back.


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Join The Community

The Thrive Tribe is a community of women who have chronic illness.

You may feel like no-one understands what its like living with your chronic illness or worrying everyday about your kids. That you are hanging on by a thread or the future may feel a little uncertain. In The Thrive Tribe we get that.

You value life and want to be the best version of you. To manage your symptoms effectively so that you can live your best life. 

In the community we will be having real, open conversations about how you can do this. With my experience of living with multiple chronic illness’ and raising kids with CMT, EDS, PoTS and ME. I know that the struggle is real. I will be sharing guidance, challenges, my personal tips and real life stories to remind you of how this can become a reality now!

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